Your guide to winter roof maintenance

Cleaning a roof isn’t something that should be done by untrained individuals, as the process is a delicate one that needs professional skills and equipment. Having served the people of Surrey for as long as we have, our team of roof cleaners has become one of the most recognised as one of the very best. No matter how big or small the stains might be, we recommend that you call us in at the first sign of trouble.

Winter is here and if you’re a homeowner that doesn’t want to put up with a leaky roof this season, it’s vital that a number of steps are taken. The work that is done now will be really beneficial in the long run, reducing the risk of leaks developing and high wear to roofing materials.

Trimming off any overhanging tree branches can work wonders when it comes to roof safety. A bit of maintenance will minimise the amount of organic debris that will make its way onto your roof, making our cleaning job easier and reducing the chances of needing repairs.

Clearing out the gutters is a smart idea too and luckily, this is included in our work. Clogged guttering can allow water to gather and when the temperatures drop ice dams may form. These can cause considerable damage, even pulling the whole gutter down if the weight gets too much for the brackets to handle. The blockage can send additional water spilling down the side of the property or into the roof too so it is best to ensure the gutters are clear.

At Premier Roof Clean, we advise that you have us come out in good time in order to conduct a full clean before the worst of the winter comes. Our roof cleaners serve all of Surrey and can clean the roof surface itself, getting rid of algae, moss, lichen, and all kinds of debris, and clear the guttering.

We are firmly established as one of the best companies in the area in our field and over the years have helped many property owners with roof maintenance all year round. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.