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Premier Roof Clean has an enviable reputation throughout the south of England. This is founded on the quality, affordability and breadth of its cleaning services, including…

Roof cleaning

You may have become used to your moss or algae-stained roof. But, that doesn’t mean that it always needs to be that way.

We’ll reveal the astonishing beauty of your roof. Firstly, we very gently remove the moss from it by hand, in sharp contrast to the abrasive jet washing favoured by so many other companies. This latter method is counterproductive, as it causes damage to your tiles that also simply encourages the re-growth of moss.

Not only does our manual removal of moss from your roof prevent any harm to the tiles, but we also sterilise your roof by spraying biocide. Without this, at least some moss would still be present.

Our comprehensive roof cleaning service helps to prevent the moss re-emerging quicker. This kills all of the micro algae and moss that you may not be able to see with the naked eye.

Gutter Cleaning

However, we aren’t just about roof cleaning. We also offer a simply unrivalled service for both clearing out and cleaning the gutter at your residential or commercial property.

Choose our clear out service to rid your gutter of all of that troublesome soil, silt, pine needles, leaves and other natural debris. You can also have balloon caps installed to prevent future blockages.

Then, talk to us about our cleaning service. This will restore your gutter’s shiny finish from when it was brand new. Our buffing of your system by hand, using a detergent wash, ensures truly great results.

Drive & Patio Cleaning

Yes, we really can also leave your patio, driveway and/or wooden decking looking truly revitalised! We can clean and re-sand your patio, transform that tired-looking wood and rid your driveway of algae and staining.

Call us now, on 07599 617 675, to receive a highly competitive, free and no-obligation quote for any of these services. Or, simply to learn more about what Premier Roof Clean can do for your south of England home.

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