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Have you paid much attention to the state of your roof recently?

Would you like to have it cleaned by seasoned professionals?

Do you want the final results to be long-lasting, with no damage to your roof tiles?

So many of us can respond with a “yes” to questions like those above, but rather fewer of us can easily find a good quality and affordable roof cleaning specialist.

Premier Roof Clean is that specialist!

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We clean roofs and gutters differently…

We specialise in removing moss by hand and cleaning roves and using an environmentally friendly inhibitor to delay its return. If you have used roof cleaning services previously, you may have bad memories of someone simply visiting your house and pressure washing the roof – leaving damage to the tiles and also not warding off that troublesome moss for long.

You see, a lot of companies offer roof cleaning, but a lot of them also use an abrasive method that doesn’t even entirely rid a roof of dirt, moss and algae.
We do things differently here at Premier Roof Clean. Rather than jet washing, we remove the moss manually followed by the application of a clever biocide that substantially delays its return.

This departure from the aggressive approach taken by so many of our rivals has given us a formidable reputation in the industry and throughout the south of England.

Trust our highly professional and affordable services

We have a well-trained and highly-skilled team with up to £2 million public liability insurance cover. Combined with our extensive range of services, including the sensitive and effective cleaning of gutters, drives and patios, gives you the utmost peace of mind when you use us.

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