Pressure washing isn’t recommended with metal roofs

What people tend to do with roofs is ignore the debris build-up, stains and organic growths, disregarding them as harmless. However, what lies on your roof can be very detrimental if left for long enough. As soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary on the surface it is time to call in the roof-cleaning specialists. With an expertise in manual solutions, we not only clean the surface, but do so in a gentle and uncompromising way.

During our many years in business, one thing we have noticed is that a number of homeowners are starting to adopt metal roofing in place of more traditional materials like tiles. Metal roofs are strong and can endure much that is certain, but they still need cleaning regardless. Despite the toughness of this variety of roof, manual methods should still be used in lieu of pressure washers.

As a matter of fact, one of the first questions that professionals like us are often asked is if high pressure is suitable for metal roofs. While it is an option, it’s one we strongly discourage, instead shifting focus towards manual removal of dirt, debris, and organic materials. High-pressure water can be forced into the seams between panels, resulting in damage to the underlying sections of the roof and leaks. Additionally it can strip away the protective layer, increasing the potential or corrosion.

It is vital that the cleaning method used complements the roofing materials rather than potentially detracting from them and causing premature failure. Our team of roof cleaners focus on this by cleaning by hand and selecting the right tools for the job. We never use unnecessary pressure to clean materials, instead utilising our skill and knowledge to clean them in the gentlest possible manner.

At Premier Roof Clean, our highly trained team are capable of cleaning your roofs without causing any injury to them. This has established us as a market leader in Surrey with a happy customer base that trusts our roof cleaners.

In addition to the roofing itself we can work on your gutters and driveways too if they require cleaning. If you need our help at any point, please let us know.