Understanding the different characteristics of organic growths on roofs

As professional roof cleaners, we prefer a more hands on approach, opting to go for manual removals as opposed to pressure washing when we serve clients in Surrey. The reason why we do this is simple; it is to avoid damaging your roofing. We focus on preserving the materials as well as ensuring they are cleaned to the highest standard.

Varieties of algae often show up on organic and even some inorganic building materials, including the likes of asphalt roof shingles. Black stains can easily be mistaken for extractive bleeding, which is simply when black streaks run down the roof, a sign of defective roofing. Extractive bleeding isn’t as common as black algae staining though.

If algae has appeared on the roof it is typically a sign that this section of the roof is in a shaded spot where further problems could occur. Moss and lichen can both grow in these locations. In contrast to moss, the amount of damage that comes from algae is quite low, even less so than that of lichens. Regardless of this fact though, aggressive cleaning needs to be avoided when cleaning it off, in order to prevent damages.

While black algae is an eyesore and mainly affect aesthetics, moss is both unattractive and dangerous if left to its own devices. Moss holds water and if this leaks into the house it can result in a host of structural and health related issues. If moss is caught early, removing it is a simpler matter. The task becomes slightly harder if it’s found late. Regardless, a biocide treatment should follow after each removal for additional protection.

At Premier Roof Clean our advice to you would be to call us in as soon as you notice anything developing on your roof. The longer you put it off, the bigger your concerns will be. With the help of our roof cleaners however, everything shall be taken care of quickly and without any complications. We vow to leave properties in Surrey with clean roofs and roofing materials that are still up to the job.