Is algae on roofing harmless?

When algae starts to appear on paths and walkways we all know it’s very important to get it cleared away as soon as possible. This is because it creates a slippery surface that’s likely to lead to someone falling. That is all the more the case in wet conditions.

Whilst knowledge that algae can be slippery is important there is a downside too. This is that people assume the growths starting to appear on roofing are not too big a concern. The logic behind this is fairly simple and easy to understand – if the main concern about algae is that it makes a surface slippery, then that’s not really much of an issue for places where people do not walk. Although we can understand why this assumption is made, it’s just not the case at all.

Algae does indeed make surfaces slippery, but you should be thinking why that is the case. The answer is that it retains moisture. As roofs are designed to redirect water efficiently the idea of it remaining on the surface should set alarm bells ringing. We hardly believe that you’d need us to tell you just how problematic and damaging it can be for your roofing.

As the leading name in roof cleaning in Surrey we’re always happy to share insights and knowledge such as this. We believe in making sure our professional services are carried out in a fair, transparent and honest way, as well as being of a world class standard. That was we can serve clients in the area to the best of our ability.

If you’ve noticed that some darker areas are forming on your roofing, it’s quite likely algae. Please don’t think that it’s harmless and something you can just leave. Take action and contact our team to have a closer look. After this we can provide a full roof cleaning service to remove all of the unwanted materials.

To find out more about the damage algae can cause to your roofing please get in touch. We have seen the results of roofs left to their own devices for very long periods and always advise clients to avoid this.