Improper shingle cleaning practices

If you haven’t checked the state of your roof recently, then now is a better time than never. The longer you leave the debris on the surface, the greater the chance that your roofing will be worn and even fail completely. The instant you notice rubbish, stains, or organic material and not a moment later, call on our specialist team. Not only will we remove the debris, but discourage future regrowth with our biocide treatment.

Cleaning shingles manually is the right method as it helps to protect them from further harm; fortunately our approach is a manual one. As one of the most experienced roof cleaning companies operating in Surrey, we are aware of all the proper procedures that are involved this type of service and what we must avoid doing. This knowledge allows us to provide the best results.

There are thousands of chemical mixtures that can get the job done, but while powerful, some will compromise your shingles. Certain substances can kill the moss just like that but at a cost; the acceleration of decay, corrosion and rot. Something else to note is that potentially toxic runoffs can find their way into the home as well. Chemicals should only be used in the right circumstances and by trained professionals.

In terms of the actual scrubbing, a bit of elbow grease is necessary but the trick is to not get carried away. An overly aggressive technique can run the risk of damaging the roof, hastening its deterioration. Since we prefer the hands-on approach ourselves, we make it a point to gently scrub the surface to make certain that everything stays intact. We also use carefully selected tools to make sure they don’t cause damage.

At Premier Roof Clean we take every precaution before, during and after the cleaning process so we can guarantee that the surface will not be negatively affected. This care and attention to detail is one of the things that have made us a leading provider. On top of it we offer wonderful customer service and ensure property owners are happy.

If your roof is in need of cleaning, our team is the one for you.