Never be too quick to believe a roof cleaning myth

If you haven’t being paying much attention to your roof recently, chances are that it has accumulated quite a bit of debris. At this point there is no time to waste in calling our team of roof cleaners to come and give the surface a full inspection. Making use of manual and non-destructive methods when cleaning, we not only remove moss and algae, but also prevent it from coming back for years to come.

Various myths exist in our profession but many people take them as truth. If they are inclined to believe these myths however, it can cost them dearly, both literally and figuratively.

One big mistake that many property owners make is that they make the assumption that the only areas of the roof that need cleaning are the ones displaying visible stains. Just because they can’t be seen by the naked eye doesn’t mean unwanted moss, algae, and lichen is not present though. The more advanced stages are when algae become black and clearly visible. Earlier stages of the growth or much harder to detect. The other organic materials are similar.

Another misconception is that ambient temperatures have no effect on the potential of roof cleaning biocides. The truth is the potency of products like these will drop considerably if they are used at the wrong temperature. In the wrong conditions the biocide may take longer to settle and start providing protection.

At Premier Roof Clean, we consider every situation when working on a client’s property. We examine the surface extensively and apply the methods that are most appropriate for that particular situation. This flexibility and attention to detail has made us the company of choice for property owners across Surrey. Additionally our clients really appreciate the impressive skills our roof cleaners possess.

If you notice your roofing is covered with leaves this autumn or has visible stains you can contact us to take care of the problem. Our team will clean the whole surface, ensuring all traces or debris and unwanted organic materials are removed.