Roof cleaning in autumn will protect your property

Autumn is a tough time of the year for roofs with the colder, wetter temperatures and the fact that many species of trees are losing their leaves. The combination of these factors coupled with shorter days and longer nights can create the perfect conditions for moss, algae, and lichen to begin growing on the roof surface.

Now, many of the issues can’t be resolved. For example you can’t make the weather be dry and the sun stay out all of the time. The one thing you can control is the leaves and other debris that ends up on the roof. You can have these materials cleaned off promptly to reduce the risk of other organic material taking hold and growing on the roof. The cleaning will also protect your gutters from getting clogged and damaged.

Towards the end of autumn is the best time to get your roof cleaned comprehensively. Before this you can call on help periodically to remove leaf build-ups and other dirt but the big clean should wait until the risk of additional leaves finding their way onto the surface is reduced substantially. If you arrange for the clean to be done too early you can find it needs to be done again a short time later.

If you do get the roof cleaned earlier in autumn and want to protect the surface you should choose a company like us that uses a specially selected biocide. This useful product provides additional protection following the completion of the clean. With it moss, algae and lichen will not grow back for a period of time, even if you fail to get additional leaves and debris removed promptly.

As one of the leading roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer we are committed to providing the best level of service for all of our clients. We have built our reputation on providing high quality results, leaving roofing looking fantastic for a long period of time after we are done. On top of this we take great care to avoid damage to the roof materials when we are working.