Always remember to take care of your roof

If you haven’t paid much attention to your roof in recent times, you may notice when you come round to checking that it has become filthy and full of debris. Your first thought may be to have someone come in and pressure wash the surface but this would be counterproductive. This kind of abrasive cleaning can do more harm than good, stripping the protective layer from the surface. This is why our dedicated business utilises manual, non-destructive methods to clean your roof and leave its integrity uncompromised.

Your roof does its best to take care of you, so it’s only right that you should return the favour by inspecting it at least once each year. Inspections are just one of many preventative measures but are vital because they can reveal issues that you would otherwise ignore. They can indicate when repairs are needed.

If you can’t get a good look at your rooftop, call on our professional team to come and inspect it for you. We have the skills to access the surface safely to conduct a full inspection. We always advise clients that the best course of action is to stay off the roof themselves as much as possible. The materials are not designed to be walked on and it takes experience to do it safely without causing damage. Our team have the relevant training and we can be relied on to provide a great service roof cleaning.

Once we have a clear idea of how much debris is on the surface, we can devise a suitable cleaning solution. We will begin by removing dirt, rubbish and any growths like algae and lichen by hand. Once this is finished, we take steps to prevent further re-growths by spraying our special biocide. Otherwise, remnants of moss and algae would remain, eventually growing and starting up the whole process again.

At Premier Roof Clean, we work to return your roof to a state similar to that when it was first constructed. No one wants a dirty roof distracting people from what is a beautiful home, so have our team come and improve the aesthetics. We are proud to be one of the leading roof cleaning specialists operating in Surrey.

As soon as you notice any dirt or debris on your roof, make certain to call our team. We will arrange to visit you promptly and determine the best service for you.