Remember to take care of more than just the roof

We do things a little differently than other roof cleaners in Surrey. Unlike your average cleaner who will utilise pressure washing methods to clean your roofing, we are all about the manual and non-destructive removal of debris. The surface is a surprisingly fragile and delicate thing, so what you need are specialists who can guarantee a safe and secure roof while they work. Fortunately for you, this is exactly what we excel at.

Roof cleaning may be in our name, but it isn’t all that we do here. Driveways take just as much appeal away from your house as roofs do when they’re stained, so we thought it prudent to offer some assistance cleaning them as well. Our skill with driveways can match our talents for roofs in pretty much every way, something you’ll see for yourself if you hire us.

A paved driveway is something of a magnet for mud, oil stains and thick grime layers. The porous concrete assimilates stains, meaning that even normal water and rain rinses won’t solve the problem completely. Despite a power washer giving you a quick way to rid yourself of the worst dirt stains, you can clean your driveway very efficiently without one. Scrubbing for example takes more effort and time, but it only needs doing once or twice each year to keep everything looking clean.

Driveways might be a challenge to clean, but that hasn’t ever stopped us before. Rest assured that we really are able to leave your driveway, patio and wooden decking looking brand spanking new. Your patio will not only be cleaned, but re-sanded too and the staining and algae that’s currently on your driveway will soon become a distant memory.

At Premier Roof Clean we put the maximum amount of effort into every job that we are called in to do. Our reputation for excellence, affordability and customer service is known far and wide throughout Surrey, making us one of the most respected cleaning companies around. When your roofs or driveways become an eyesore, we are the people to call.