Worried about moss on your roof?

Premier Roof Clean are specialists in working on roofs and gutters. Using environmentally friendly methods and doing everything by hand, we ensure your roofing lasts longer. We don’t agree with pressure washing as it can leave cracks in your tiles, causing further problems. The care we show and our consistently high standard ensure we are one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has.

A common problem that occurs, especially if your home is in an area with more foliage, is the build up of moss. Whilst the moss itself may not be overly damaging if it only grows on the surface of tiles, it can cause big problems if it gets between them. Moss retains moisture, so it can add more weight to your roof too. Along with this, it can eventually block up your guttering.

So what can you do to solve this problem, and prevent it from happening again? Firstly, the moss must be removed. We do this by carefully clearing it by hand. Some companies use abrasive jet washing but it can seriously damage your roof.

Once as much moss is removed as possible, we use biocide to get rid of any slight traces of moss that has been missed. This simultaneously prevents it from returning later. Biocide works by killing all moss, algae, and lichen within 24 hours of being applied. It can continue to keep your roof tiles free from organic matter for up to 12 months after being applied. This is typically the best method for saving you money!

The question “is biocide eco-friendly?” must have crossed your mind. The way that it has to be applied requires water. It is essential that the ratio of biocide to water is just right. Generally, when mixing the solution becomes Ph neutral. The chemical agent is still just as effective, as water does not affect its performance, whilst being fully biodegradable.

Hopefully, this gave you a good idea of the methods we use to clean roofs. If you require any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Premier Roof Clean. Remember we have become one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has by offering consistently great services. You can therefore call on us with full confidence.