The trouble with wood rot

When cleaning roofs, we prefer to take a more hands on approach to everything because other methods, namely pressure washers, have proven themselves to be harmful. Our team doesn’t simply seek to clean your property however, we also take steps to ensure that it remains clear for an extensive period. Therefore, if you are looking for top calibre Surrey roof cleaners, you should pay a visit to our company.

Leaves and related debris that stays on your roof soaks up the moisture and degrades into a soft mulch. The result is the ideal environment for a host of insect breeds like termites, ants, and similar pests that love a neglected roof. To make matters worse, these pests carry moisture with them as they move through your roof. Just like when we walk around the house after a wash, bugs leave behind a track of moisture. If enough of these trails are produced, then wood rot will be the outcome.

Whatever you want to call this condition, be it wood rot or one of its other names like dry and roof rot, nothing changes. Simply put, the moisture that remains on rooftops generates a fungus which eats away at your wood fibres. Once the wood starts breaking down, it becomes steadily brittle, weak, and then begins to fall apart entirely.

For those wondering how to stop wood rot, the answer is simple; implement a roof-cleaning schedule of some description. If you do this, then you can avoid an extensive, not to mention expensive, repair job. Annual cleanings such as these are both affordable and an investment into your roof’s long-term health. Just be careful not to choose a service that uses lots of water to clean the surface.

At Premier Roof Clean, our manual focused strategies do not damage your roof unlike certain other methods that are known to. When coupled together with our special biocide treatment, the work that we conduct leads to long lasting results that keep your rooftop looking great years down the line.

If your roof requires attention, we would be more than happy to offer our aid. In Surrey roof cleaners don’t come any better than our team.