The true extent of moss damage

The roof isn’t something most people pay too much attention to, when in fact they should. If left alone for a prolonged period, the debris that accumulates on top can cause the surface to deteriorate, sometimes resulting in an expensive replacement if the situation is severe enough. Being one of the top businesses for roof cleaning Surrey has to offer, we are the people to contact if you decide that it’s time for some changes.

Moss may seem like a simple aesthetic problem to you, but the truth of the matter is that it can potentially be so much worse. One of the biggest issues is that the gathering of this growth on your roof can result in rainwater backing up in specific areas, eventually leading to a roof leak.

Additionally, clusters of the stuff can roll off the rooftop and into your gutters. This will clog them, make them overflow, and can ruin your house’s foundation. Moss can also block downspouts, which does not bode well for anyone with a basement.

Numerous insurance companies require that people take the proper measures to have moss cleansed from their properties. Furthermore, home inspectors will inform you that the moss needs to be removed before you begin the selling process due to the risks that are involved. Since moss keeps moisture contained, and by extension prevents the roof from drying, your rooftop shall deteriorate quicker than it normally would’ve done otherwise.

Aesthetically speaking, you will want to make the most of moss removal because keeping your home’s appearance in excellent condition is always a great idea. On the technical side of things, you won’t be able to determine what sort of state your roof is in when there’s moss. This is crucial, as additional damage to your house’s structure can occur if you’re unable to see the harm that’s been done already.

At Premier Roof Clean, we use manual strategies in order to deal with the debris that has taken hold on your roof. Once we’ve removed as much as we can, we then apply our special biocide to take care of the rest, a solution might we add that discourages moss from growing again in the future.

Should our assistance prove necessary, please contact our team. When you call on us you can expect fast, reliable services from the best team for roof cleaning Surrey has.