Ensure that conditions are favourable

Unlike other cleaning companies, we adopt a much friendlier approach whilst working on your rooftop. Preferring to do things manually, instead of with a pressure washer, we not only seek to cleanse your roof of all debris, but to also do so without causing any harm to it. With the very best skills and an extensive knowledge, our highly talented team are the best roof cleaners Surrey has to offer.

If you are someone that is thinking about doing all of the roof cleaning work yourself, we advise you to step back and let the experts handle everything. Falling from the roof is just one of the issues you can come across, and while this might not seem too detrimental to you initially, believe us when we say that you can get seriously hurt. As professionals, we are trained to act with the upmost safety whilst we’re cleaning your roofs and we make it a point to follow a set of guidelines so that things don’t end up getting out of hand.

To begin with, it’s best to avoid the rooftop altogether if it’s even the least bit slippery. Whether it was caused by dew, ice, or rain, be sure to stay away from roofs when they are damp. The same can be said if it’s windy, because conditions such as these make it easier for one to lose their balance and fall off.

In order to inform everyone that you are working above, mark off the ground that lies beneath you. A sturdy ladder shall be required to make your way up in the first place and while aluminium extension models are robust, a wooden variant will prevent you from being electrocuted if it accidently makes contact with a power line.

At Premier Roof Clean, we take a very careful approach to roof washing, making sure to never put ourselves or anyone else in danger. In addition, we are also incredibly skilled when it comes to cleaning patios, gutters and driveways, making ours quite the versatile service.

If your property needs attending to, we are the people to call. With us you get to work with the best roof cleaners Surrey has and can enjoy the highest quality customer service.