Ways you can protect your roof this winter

Protecting your roof for winter can begin at any point of the year. We advise that you start doing so early, as the checks are crucial in making sure there are no broken tiles, leaks or potential problems. Even periodic checks every year may be enough to keep your roof protected. As one of the leading Surrey roof cleaners we would like to advise you on a few of the things to look for when preparing your roofing for winter.

Considering fitting felt roofing to flat surfaces is wise. The three layers create an impregnable barrier, with bitumen added to create that waterproof element. Unfortunately, this top layer can eventually become cracked in cold temperatures. In order to combat this, oil is added in order for the roof to be more resistant to the cold. When winter preparations come, always check the strength of waterproof covering and oil it if necessary. Furthermore, checking will also make sure there is no debris that potentially could allow water in.

Inspecting roof tiles can be tricky at times. If you can get close enough to safely carry out a close up visual inspection that is great. Alternatively you can use binoculars to determine any problems. If inspecting it yourself is an issue, then consider calling someone in with the expertise to take a look.

If you see any patches of moss on the ground this could suggest a problem with your roof tiles. As the materials grow and spread across the roof they could reach the point where they fall over the edge of the surface. They will land underneath and likely continue to grow. Any accumulation of lichen, moss, fauna and algae not only looks unpleasant, but can make the roof unsafe.

Considering hiring a roof cleaner will make sure of a stable surface. If there are any cracked or broken roof tiles or moss is present, the specialist can resolve the issue. They can even take the time to check gutters. Over the year they can collect debris which can cause many problems in and around your home, especially in colder, wetter months.

Thankfully, there are services which make winter preparations that much easier. With Premier Roof Clean you can be assured of a thorough job. We are the very best Surrey roof cleaners and always deliver outstanding services that leave surfaces and guttering in the best condition.

If you require our expertise to help you this winter then please get in contact today.