Tackling patio corrosion stains

We are one of the most accomplished roof cleaners Surrey has on offer, but what separates us from the rest is the approach we take. As opposed to using damaging pressure washing tools, we instead prefer to remove everything by hand, thus preserving the integrity of your roofing materials. Furthermore, we apply a special biocide after the main work is done in order to discourage any future growths, leading to longer-lasting results.

Aside from roofs, we also have some experience in dealing with driveways and patios. Unattractive corrosion that appears on pavers can make anyone’s patio look awful. One of the most common causes of these stains is metallic furniture that has been left outside while it’s raining. When it rusts it can produce markings all over the place. Don’t be too quick to panic however; there are restoration solutions out there that can return your patio to its original state.

White vinegar and fresh lemon juice are both capable of getting rid of the stains. When using either one, squeeze or pour it over the affected section directly, and let it remain there for about five minutes. Before the liquids dry off, scrub the patch using a brush with nylon bristles and rinse it off with water afterwards.

If you desire to skip the chemical method and go for something a tad more mechanical, try using traditional scrubbing. Use dishwasher soap and water along with a wire brush to clear and eliminate any blemishes. After you’re done, rinse everything off with water.

At Premier Roof Clean, we have the means to both clean and re-sand our client’s patios in ways that make them appear as good as new. With an incredibly talented team at our disposal and up to £1 million in public liability cover, we are comfortable taking on any challenge that we’re presented with.

If we can be of assistance to you, please get in touch. The same high standards that have made us one of the best roof cleaners Surrey has are also achieved when we take on patio and drive cleaning. That means you can have complete confidence in us.