Safety measures are required while cleaning tile roofing

Providing results that are not just of a high quality but also long lasting is our aim at Premier Roof Clean. To obtain such an outcome, we use manual techniques and then apply a biocide afterwards to discourage any moss or algae from returning in the future. Being one of the top performing roof cleaning companies Surrey has, we are the people to call if your own property demands attention.

With tile roofs, organic growths tend to be quite the annoyance. Whenever you plan to clean one, be you a professional or a homeowner, it’s imperative that sufficient safety procedures be put into place in order to avoid a catastrophe. By taking note of the advice we’ve prepared below, not only will you be able to keep the roof in top condition, but also your own wellbeing.

To begin with, make sure you wear non-slip footwear that comes with decent traction. Tiles become slippery easily, especially once the cleaning work gets underway. Athletic shoes and similar designs that have great grips on their soles shall aid you in keeping your balance whilst on the roof.

In terms of where to walk, you should stick to those areas where the tiles overlap. If you’re wondering why, it’s because these are the sturdiest and most robust sections. Anyone who finds themselves being forced onto the tiles directly should position their feet on the lowest part, as this is where the majority of the support lies. Try staying on the flattest segments whenever possible as well, because they enable you to evenly dispense your weight. This goes a long way towards assisting your foot traction and overall balance whilst also reducing the risk of damaging the tiles.

At Premier Roof Clean, the cleaning methods we use are non-destructive and don’t harm roofs. You may have had unpleasant dealings with different establishments in the past, but we aim to leave an excellent lasting impression with you. We stake our reputation as one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer on doing a great job every time.

If your roof ever needs a good clean, we hope you’ll consider working with us.