Protect your home before it’s too late

Anyone who owns a house knows that not looking after the roof over your head can lead to expensive problems in the long term. Fallen leaves can block gutters, which can cause rainwater to accumulate consequently damaging your home’s foundations. In addition the surface can become the perfect place for moss and algae to grow. Luckily we have become the best for roof cleaning Surrey has to offer, capable of delivering an outstanding service.

It is important to check over your roof annually, and clean it as often as possible, especially when the leaves are falling. If there are any, clean them out and check the gutters aren’t loose in the process. Make sure you remember to clear all debris from the bottom of the drainpipe so that it doesn’t block the drain.

The majority of the time, water damage begins at roof level. It can be quite surprising the volume of water that can come through a loose or cracked tile. A strong indicator of loose tiles or blocked gutters is damp patches on the walls and ceilings of your home. If left untreated rain can penetrate and ruin woodwork, along with the foundations.

What you must look out for when it comes to protecting your roof is any cracks in tiles, pools of water around your foundations, or any build up of mildew around gutters. Another main sign of you needing to provide that extra protection this winter is any peeling paint around or on your gutters.

Not carrying out the proper protective measures for your roof and gutter this winter could lead to more money and time wasted. It is much more tedious and expensive repairing either of them than taking care of the cleaning.

When hiring Premier Roof Clean you can ensure you get the perfect level of cleanliness for your property. We are the best team for roof cleaning Surrey has and deliver every service so that it offers the maximum value. If you require a check-up then please get in contact with us today.