Home improvement tasks for your autumn to-do list

Every homeowner should be aware of the maintenance required for owning a home. It is a year-round job with different requirements depending on the season. Unfortunately, no home is immune to damage and general wear and tear so homeowners must stay a step ahead of the elements in order to protect their real estate. Fortunately we have a team of the best Surrey roof cleaners to help you with some of the most important jobs.

Autumn is recognised by many as being synonymous with home improvement, but it’s wise to not leave these improvements to the last minute. One of the main things that should be inspected is your roof and gutters. It is wise to take a look at it during autumn before the worst of the cold and wet weather arrives. Taking the time to look for signs of damage, leaks, and blockages in the guttering can save you a great deal of money in the long term.

Leakages can sometimes be caused by clogged gutters; that is why it is so important to check and clean them regularly for better prevention. If your home is surrounded by trees, then scheduling to clean your guttering more often may be necessary. Debris left clogged in a gutter can cause serious roof damage, which often can extend inside the home.

When carrying out the task of roof and gutter cleaning, you must make sure you follow the right safety precautions. Inspecting gutters must be done on a ladder, not from the roof as it greatly increases the risk of injury. You may want to do this twice in autumn, once at the start of the season and again towards the end; leaves can accumulate fast after-all.

Cleaning your driveway before winter begins can help make walking across it much safer. Moss can prove to be quite hazardous to step on when iced over, so it may be wise to consider moss removal while you still have time.

If you need help with this year’s home improvement tasks, then you can be assured of a reliable and professional roof and gutter cleaning service with Premier Roof Clean. We are considered great value for money because we carry out moss removal manually. This ensures lower operating costs and ensures there is no damage, which can happen from traditional pressure washing.

If you require the services of the best Surrey roof cleaners, please get in touch today.