Keep your roof looking beautiful

If you have not paid attention to your roof as of late, it’s high time you started doing so again. The debris existing on your rooftop might seem harmless, but given enough of an opportunity, it can cause massive deterioration. This often leads to an expensive replacement. Employing some of the most talented and competent roof cleaners Surrey has, ours is the business to call if your own property isn’t in the best of conditions.
Roofs are beautiful if looked after adequately. However, all of this beauty can end up being obliterated if the surface becomes covered over with mould, tree droppings, lichens, moss, or algae. These darkened patches or streaks of brown, black and green can suppress any positive feelings you held for your roof. Even the most elegant of designs can be damaged by these imperfections.

Algae can not only ruin the roofing’s charm; it can slowly eat at the materials as well. If you make the mistake of disregarding its presence, you may find your roof failing far sooner than the expiration date. Moss presents a similar problem, as it can creep beneath the overlaps of tiles and shingles and start to separate them as soon as it gains a foothold. Soon enough, the wind shall end up blowing rain inside the building, with your roof failing in its job to keep it out.

The resulting discoloration from the debris is enough to make people think of themselves as maintenance failures, but that’s not even the worst of it. Mildew and mould can cause respiratory complications for sensitive individuals. The growths may be well removed from the structure’s inner area, but once they begin to discharge their spores, you will be able to spot them roaming into open doors and windows. The consequences of this shall be potentially hazardous health problems.

At Premier Roof Clean, to ensure that our results are long lasting, we use a special biocide that discourages the likes of moss and algae from growing again for a period of time. Additionally, instead of forceful pressure washing methods, we prefer to clean everything up using more manual approaches. That way we can assure you that all traces are removed.

If your own roof could do with a cleaning, get in touch with us as soon as possible. We will dispatch some of the most competent roof cleaners Surrey has to offer to tackle the problem. Our team work efficiently and will minimise disruptions on every job.