Are gutter guards worth the price?

One of the least favourite home owning tasks, along with toilet scrubbing, is cleaning gutters. You have the option of installing gutter guards to simplify this task, but are they worth the price? Let’s have a look at what they are and how they can help maintain your guttering. As one of the leading roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer, we have a lot of experience with these products.

A gutter is made of vinyl or metal and is a trough shape. This sits beneath the edge of your roof and acts as a rain collector, directing it to downspouts and safely away from the property. Unfortunately gutters do also collect a lot of debris over time, from twigs to leaves, pine needles, moss, and so on. Without regular inspection and cleaning, this debris can block your guttering, preventing it from carrying rainwater away.

Gutter guards can help prevent a variety of issues from happening because they keep out large amounts of debris. As a result there is less likelihood of a blockage forming and water being prevented from flowing safely away.

There are many different types of guards to choose from such as micromesh, screen, brush, and surface tension. They really help to filter out large amounts of debris, however having them installed doesn’t eliminate the job of cleaning the guttering from time to time. Therefore it is wise to budget when you should clean your roof and gutter.

When it comes to the time of requiring a roof and gutter cleaning service, Premier Roof Clean can assure you we do a thorough job. Our methods are different; we specialise in removing moss by hand and aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We don’t agree with pressure washing techniques as it does more damage than good.

In order for your gutters to stay cleaner for longer, you must regularly inspect roofs for any moss build up which can eventually lead to blockages if not removed. So it’s recommended you clean them periodically to save you time and money.

For a professional and affordable service from one of the most experienced roof cleaning companies Surry has to offer, contact Premier Roof Clean today.