The warning signs for replacing your gutters

It is important to make sure your gutters are always working. If it’s discovered they aren’t, it could mean your house will suffer ill effects. This can range from rotting fascia, breeding grounds for insects, erosion, interior flooding, and just general mess. Luckily our team are the very best at roof cleaning Surrey has and always pay close attention to guttering when working.

Gutters are a vital for your home; their main function is to direct water away from the exterior walls, doors, windows and foundation, thereby preventing any from getting inside. Sometimes they will need to be replaced; however cleaning your gutters regularly should increase their longevity.

It is a good idea to inspect your gutters often to make sure they are functioning. Here’s what you need to look out for to determine if a replacement is required.

Any peeling paint around or on your gutters. As the paint is designed to withstand normal wear and tear, any signs of paint peeling or orange flecks are indicators the water isn’t being removed correctly from the gutter.

Look out for any cracks. This may not seem like a big issue but these tiny flaws will eventually become much larger. If you leave them, this will only result in further damage to not only your gutters, but your home’s foundations.

Pools of water that are around your home’s foundations, or any mildew is one of the worst signs of damage to your gutters. The sole purpose of them is to drain water away from your home, so any of these signs can indicate they’re not working as they should. This can lead to time consuming and costly repairs if not discovered early.

If it looks like a gutter is beginning to pull away from your house it is one of the most obvious signs a replacement is necessary. It is a part of owning a house, having to eventually replace your roof and gutters. But how many times you have to replace them can be reduced. Cleaning roofs and guttering regularly can help you to save time and money, because it increases the lifespan of both.

If you require cleaning services please get in touch with Premier Roof Clean today. Our team are the best for roof cleaning Surrey has to offer and can provide useful tips that will help you to extend the life of materials.