End of summer maintenance tips for your roof

The end of summer and start of autumn tends to produces some warm temperatures, which makes it perfect time for picnics and soaking up the sun. But you should also consider taking a look at your roof and gutters. Checking them here is the best time as any potential problems can be clearly seen and rectified before winter sets in; making repairs less complicated. If you want to do just that we have the roof cleaners Surrey property owners can rely on.

Gutters carry out the important task of directing water off roofs in a controlled manner, preventing it from getting to your home’s foundations. Guttering tends to collect a lot of debris though, and can be found to contain pine needles, twigs, and bird’s nests by the end of summer. If this debris isn’t cleared before heavy rainfall, it can block up the flow of water.

Any back up of water results in it sitting in the gutters, which is never good news. You can DIY fix it yourself but will need this equipment: a strong ladder, a trowel, a bucket, gloves, and perhaps a garden hose. Remove the biggest debris by hand, and use the trowel to get rid of the sludge. To prevent leaves from clogging up your gutter in the autumn, consider installing guards.

It’s advised you also inspect your roof and check the gutters for loose bolts, damaged support brackets, or split seams. To indicate a leak look for cracked flashing, dark spots on the surface, worn or loose shingles. Some shingles can be found in your gutters, and this can be a sign of roof debris coming away. If this is the case, repairs may be needed.

Over time moss may grow naturally. Sadly this can be hazardous to your roof, as it can sprout in between tiles. The moss will grow and soak up water, eventually damaging your roof structure due to continuous contact with moisture. So, inspection for it should be carried out regularly.

Premier Roof Clean offer all these services at affordable prices, ensuring all work is done by the best roof cleaners Surrey has. Our comprehensive range of roof and gutter cleaning solutions even covers sterilisation using biocide. This prevents the moss from ever returning, so you are getting more for your money!

If you have reached the end of summer and noticed you require our services, please get in touch today.