Never pressure wash your roof tiles

There are many reasons why people consider jet washing their roof. It may be because they want to brighten up the surface, remove moss that’s built up, or for preparation for new coatings. Whatever the reason, Premier Roof Clean advise against jet washing. The process can cause a lot of damage and may not get the best finish. As one of the leading Surrey roof cleaners, let us explain why you should avoid the technique.

In the United Kingdom, the most common roof tiles are made out of concrete and have a granular finish on the exposed side. This is designed to gradually wear away until the tile needs replacing. The time for this is usually 80-100 years of general weathering.

Using a jet washer can strip this surface from the tile much quicker, thereby shortening the life expectancy. This in turn will end up costing you more money to replace the roofing materials. It is wiser to opt for a safer way of cleaning tiles and removing moss.

Most of the time, moss growths are not harmful to roofs. However, sometimes they can affect how the water is drained, causing ingress. If this is a risk, or you want to improve the aesthetics of the surface, choose a safer, manual removal.

Jet washing your roof can also create a flood risk to loft space. Typical roofs aren’t designed to withstand water coming at such high speeds. The pressure can result in water penetrating past the overlapping of the tiles, entering the roof cavity where it could cause mould, rot timbers, or even damage walls and ceilings.

Premier Roof Clean provide a gentler method of removing moss and cleaning roofing tiles. We remove moss by hand, preventing harm to tiling. Every inch of the surface will be cleared to ensure that no traces are left behind that could result in re-growth. A biocide can also be employed to reduce the risk of this.

We pride ourselves on taking the necessary time in cleaning your roof tiles properly. This care and commitment has helped us to become the best Surrey roof cleaners. If you require our services, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch.