Are your driveways being exposed to the proper chemicals?

When it comes to roofs, we prefer to remove all the debris we find by hand. You may think that this is a more time-consuming method when compared to using a pressure washer, and while this is true, it’s also considerably safer. This approach has helped us to become one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer.  
In addition to roofing, our team knows its fair share about driveway maintenance too. Homeowners across the globe favour Natural stone designs, and while stories of their durability are true, they aren’t invulnerable. If your home is one that includes a natural stone driveway, here are some cleaning tips that you should pay attention to.

To begin with, only utilise those cleaners that are appropriate for the stones. Quite a number of individuals aren’t overly familiar with their cleaning product’s chemistry, or the makeup of the stone for that matter. As a result, the wrong cleaner tends to be used. What is required here is something that has the correct pH level. For those who don’t know, this is seven when working with natural stones.

Bleach and vinegar can be harsh, with each one having the potential to burn or etch the stone’s surface. Furthermore, whereas certain chemicals might not cause any distinguishable damage to durable materials like granite, they will be able to break down sealers that have been introduced to it. If this ends up being the case, you would have to reseal your stones more frequently.

At Premier Roof Clean, using tried and tested techniques we shall rid your driveway of any impurities that are encountered. With a skilled and extensively trained team behind us, as well as up to £1 million public liability insurance cover, there is no job that we are not comfortable doing.

Should you require our aid, simply give us a call. Keep in mind we are one of the very best roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer; that means you can trust us with your roofing and driveway too.