Understanding the truth about roof cleaning

As the professional roof cleaners Surrey depends on, we enjoy informing people of the numerous benefits of our work. This is because people are often unaware of how cleaning is a necessity. We understand this and are more than happy to answer any queries you may have and tell you the truth.

More Than An Aesthetic Issue

Algae, moss and lichen are all prone to growing on a rooftop. They can leave unpleasant stains as well as green and black clumps across the surface. If you allow them to continue growing, they will not stop. They can grow between tiles, holding onto moisture and causing damage. In addition they will eat at the materials of your roof.

If your roofing has dark stains, this means it will hold onto a lot more heat. This can be damaging. Water problems can reach various areas of your house too, resulting in expensive repairs. So, don’t ignore the staining and look to specialist cleaning to remove the organisms with ease.

Clean More Than The Stained Tiles

These growths do not appear overnight. Instead, they develop over time into the unsightly issues that people hate. If one section has different coloured stains, there is a high chance that the microorganism is present in other areas. It will simply have not grown to a level you can see. A thorough cleaning of the entire surface is your best bet to keep your roof in good condition for as long as possible.

Replacement Isn’t Necessary

Some people worry about algae and moss as they can cause issues for your roof. However, their presence does not mean that you need to replace the structure. They can shorten its lifespan, but, unless there is extensive damage, a clean will suffice. You can then look at tile replacement where the roof needs it.

Not A DIY Job

Even if you want to save money, roof cleaning is not something you should attempt on your own. This is because of the dangers that come from working at a height like this. In addition, there are very few people who have the tools and skills to achieve the level of quality that comes from professional work. It isn’t worth the time and money to learn yourself when we are here.

Contact Premier Roof Clean to receive stunning results. We even offer a free quote so that you can learn more about what the roof cleaners Surrey loves can do for you. Whether it is an old or new property, rely on us.