Is driveway sealing necessary?

We are a business that has built its reputation on the provision of quality and affordable services. The community considers us to be one of the leading roof cleaning companies Surrey has. This is not our whole focus though; we also offer gutter and driveway cleaning. Whenever they need assistance, locals pick up the phone and call us.

Sealing typically enters the conversation when someone talks about driveway cleaning. Usually, the seal comes after the main clean is done. Many individuals wonder why they even have to do the latter. It’s not standard practice to seal one, however, there are many reasons why you should.


During the summer, the sun warms asphalt materials. This allows oxygen to enter and UV rays to permeate. Such a process increases the substance’s brittleness. As a result, subtle cracking takes place.

In the winter months, water fills cracks and voids. When it freezes it causes lots of damage. Moreover, the moisture can invade the driveway’s gravel base. This may soften the soil below and make the surface unstable. The weight of a vehicle can then cause more extensive cracking because of the weakness.

It’s like a mattress

Essentially, asphalt works similarly to a mattress. The surface is quite pliable and soft. Furthermore, the structure’s true strength originates from the sturdier elements underneath it. The surface can erode and expose these constituents. If this happens, your driveway can suffer huge structural damage.

Sealing can offer protection against all the elements. It will preserve the surface for the long term, reducing your repair costs as a result.

At Premier Roof Clean, we can rid your driveway of staining and algae. We don’t use methods that would prove harmful to your property. Instead of using a pressure washer, we clean everything manually. Once we’re finished, your drive will look as good as new and will be ready for sealing.

If you require our aid, please contact our team. While we are one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has, our driveway services also hold up really well. Contact us for a first rate service and value for money.