Be mindful of the warranty

You may have left your roof alone for a long time. If so, then you probably don’t know the state it is in. Things might seem ok to you, especially from a distance. However, we know how damaging debris and organic growths can be. After all, we’re the leading business for roof cleaning Surrey has. Anyone who feels it’s time to give their property a bit of maintenance should reach out to us.

Cleaning the roof is not how most people will want to spend their afternoon. Nevertheless, it can be a necessity for many of us. Remember it is more than a simple matter of aesthetics. If you clean the roof you also protect the materials and reduce the risk of issues.

Reasons to clean

Historically, there are many reasons why someone would want to clean a roof. For instance, they might want to eliminate the build up of food sources for rodents and birds. They may also want to stop chemical expansions that can cause damage.

However, roof cleaning has become more crucial recently for a particular reason. This is the boost in energy-efficient construction. Algae, soot, and dirt build ups can affect the quantity of heat and light your roof sucks up. By washing it, you can preserve its efficiency. Yet, there is something important you need to consider here.

Does your warranty cover it?

If you’re cleaning the roof for aesthetic reasons, your warranty may not cover it. When washing to maintain energy-efficiency however, it might. Before you start, identify what will and won’t nullify your warranty. Your roof installer/manufacturer could have recommendations. It’s best to play it safe and follow their guidelines. This is also information you should share with your roof cleaners if you hire a professional team.

At Premier Roof Clean, we are always careful when attending to a dirty roof. The manual debris removal methods we use protect your tiles from damage. Everything will go smoothly with the best name for roof cleaning Surrey has on your side.

If you would like to work with us, please get in touch. You can tell us more about your roof and any concerns you may have.