Cleaning the roofs of commercial properties

Roofing is one thing you should always leave in the hands of the professionals. Our company is home to the best roof cleaners Surrey has. For years, they’ve done their utmost to help property owners in the region. Clients rate our services highly because of the care we show and the stunning results.

Lichen, algae, and moss can blight commercial properties, just as they can with homes. There could be damage from ice, frost, and freezing as a result. This is because the moisture they hold can expand. An unattractive commercial roof isn’t great for business either. Anyone who works in hospitality will want to remember this.

You can’t rely on high pressure

You shouldn’t remove the growths and grime from a roof with high-pressure water jets. This can cause a lot of damage to the materials, whether it is shingles or sheeting. It also uses up valuable resources.

Fortunately, we take a far softer approach. The best strategy for commercial roofs is to work from the ground up. You won’t have to deal with the costs of scaffold erection and interruption this way. Some roofs will be too high and shall require additional resources. You don’t need to worry though; there’s no roof that’s too high for us.

Our team is more than familiar with the various industrial roofs out there. We’re capable of cleaning the metal roofs one commonly finds on a commercial building. The beauty of our soft methods is that they don’t just clean the roof. In addition they work to eradicate the organic growths completely. This will keep your property looking stunning for longer.

At Premier Roof Clean, our cleaning strategies involve the use of a biocide treatment. With it, we can kill the micro algae and moss. Both are troublesome since you can’t spot them easily with your naked eye. With our treatment no traces will be left behind.

Our skills and safety record make us the top roof cleaners Surrey can offer. If you would like us to help you, contact our company. We can provide recommendations and advice about any kind of roofing.