Treat your driveway and patio as you would the rug

We achieved our goal of becoming one of the best roof cleaning companies Surry has by giving customers a solution that is not only efficient, but also long lasting. This is accomplished with the assistance of our special biocide, a treatment that discourages moss and algae from growing again, leaving rooftops cleaner for longer. Therefore, whenever a roof needs attending to, we are the people to call.

Roof cleaning may be in our name, but it isn’t what we are limited to. Aside from your roofs, we are also quite talented at working on driveways and patios. For anyone who has recently had a new drive built, we recommend that you treat it as if it were a brand new and expensive rug. After all, there’s no way that you would consider not cleaning or hoovering it after spilling something.

With the proper maintenance and cleaning plan in place, driveways and patios can last for many years. Even a simple light brush every eight to ten weeks to rid yourself of debris shall prolong their lifespan, saving you quite a bit of money in the future as a result.

In order to keep up their appearances, paving should be cleaned annually. While they might be structurally sound for use in a driveway, lighter coloured blocks emphasise oil spills and tyre marks. If you desire to maintain their looks, it must be accepted that these objects require a greater level of attention. To give an example, a drawn out exposure to wet leaves could result in markings manifesting on the paved areas. As such, in addition to any cleaning that’s necessary, steps should be taken to prevent contact as much as possible.

At Premier Roof Clean we only use those methods that have been tried and tested whilst working on your property. Certain cleaning agents contain acids that can have an adverse affect on natural stone, clay and concrete drives. That is why you should only trust the ones utilised by professionals like us. If your driveway requires a clean, please let us know.