Tackling all of the things that can cause dirty roofs

The list of things that can pose a risk to your roof is probably longer than you think. Weather such as heavy rain, hail, and snow can cause damage. Dirt could leave the surface looking unseemly and also cause high degradation. Additionally moss, algae, and lichen can all result in the pre-mature wear of roofing materials as well as blocking gutters and drain pipes.
Yet another cause of damage is birds. Their droppings can damage materials and they can also deposit all kinds of sticks and leaves on your roof and in the gutters. The end result could be your roof and guttering experiencing more wear than expected. The rubbish can also find its way into drain pipes, leading to blockages.

At Premier Roof Clean we understand the wide array of things that can cause damage to your roof. We can provide services to prevent that from happening, removing all dirt, debris, organic materials, and waste. Our team will leave the surface, gutters, and drain pipes in a great condition that allows water to flow away quickly. The aesthetics will be improved too.

Our team of Surrey roof cleaners can effectively work on roofs of all ages, accounting for different roofing materials in the process. They have the training to work safely at all kinds of heights and only clean by hand, foregoing any kind of power or jet washing equipment. As a result our services are gentler and use fewer resources.

Once the surface is clean we will use a gentle biocide to give it a protective coating. This will prevent organic materials like algae, lichen, and moss from growing for a period of time. In turn this can help to deter birds from the surface.

We urge clients to think about having periodic roof cleaning to prevent build-ups of dirt, organic materials, and bird droppings. With our Surrey roof cleaners you can arrange just that. We will be on hand whenever you need us.