Location is key in roof cleaning

Pressure washing can have detrimental effects on your roof’s lifespan, potentially damaging the materials. It is also unlikely to effectively remove all traces of moss, algae, and lichen. Instead of using this method we prefer to do everything by hand, making us the most unique provider of roof cleaning Surrey has. Striving to deliver results that are not only efficient but also long lasting, our services should be your first choice.

Roof cleaning is a hazardous undertaking regardless of the height; that is why it’s best to just leave it all to the experts. With an ample amount of safety measures and precautions in place, the professionals can safely and successfully clean the rooftop without too much trouble. When someone is cleaning a roof, there are a number of basic safety tips that they need to take on board.

To begin with, utilise footwear that possesses a decent degree of traction. Moss ridden and wet tiles make for some very slippery surfaces, but shoes that have excellent traction shall give you further balance and hold whilst you are up there. Speaking of tiles, the most prudent course of action would be to position your footing in the lower section, or the one that’s reinforced from underneath to reduce the risk of breakage.

Distributing your weight is something else that you must do. To accomplish this, make use of a walkway and minimise the pressure on the tiles. Remain on dry areas as much as you can to avoid slipping.

Before carrying out your work, plan your strategies so that you’ll be stationed on the dry parts as much as possible. Whilst you are planning, make certain that you are also standing on the flattest surfaces, as your weight shall be distributed more evenly this way.

At Premier Roof Clean, before making our way onto your rooftop, we plan accordingly so that our operations are conducted in the safest manner possible. With our skilled team behind us and up to £1 million in public liability insurance cover, we aim to make the entire cleaning process as smooth as it can be.

Should you have any questions about how we operate and what else makes us the most unique provider of roof cleaning Surrey has, feel free to ask us anything.