Remember the guttering when the roof is cleaned

One of the things that really makes us stand out as the best roof cleaners in Surrey is we will clean the surface and the gutters too. Many other companies either forget or don’t do the latter. This can result in big problems, whether they have cleaned the roofing by hand or with a pressure washer.

When dirt, debris, moss, algae, or lichen are cleaned from the surface they can find their way into the gutters with ease. If they are not removed this increases the risk of a blockage and all of the problems associated with it.

When we clean a roof we take care to make sure we collect all of the waste and dispose of it properly rather than leaving it in gutters or on the ground. Our aim is to ensure that everything is clean, in good condition, and performing as intended.

In order to collect waste as we go clients may see us carrying buckets up and down from the roof. This makes it easier to keep everything together and means we aren’t throwing it to the ground and having to clean up before we leave.

Regardless of the size of the roofing we won’t cut any corners. Our team of roof cleaners in Surrey will always focus on achieving the highest specification clean and ensuring the entire surface is free from all unwanted elements. That way there are no traces of organic matter lurking waiting to start growing again as soon as we leave. To further prevent this we can utilise a specially selected biocide too.

Whatever it is ruining the aesthetics of your roof and potentially blocking up your gutters we will remove it. You can contact us to arrange a service and to find out more about how we go about cleaning surfaces. We are always happy to offer advice and share our passion for bringing out the best in your roofing.