It’s good to mix and match a little

Surrey roof cleaners do not get much better than the ones employed by our company. Highly trained in a variety of methods and making use of the most up to date equipment, they aim to produce excellent results every time they are called into action. Whenever your roof looks as if it could do with a thorough cleaning, we are the ones you can depend on.

When your roof has seen better days, you need to be certain that you’re taking adequate steps to rectify the situation. All sorts of debris can accumulate on top, be it dirt, algae or moss, and this is going to diminish the overall aesthetics. If you choose the easy option and do nothing, then you will only be inviting further complications, leading to you losing far more money than you would invest in having it cleaned.

There are a multitude of things that your roof shall be susceptible to throughout the year, with the aforementioned debris being some of them. Regardless of what substances your roof is comprised of, this will always be the case. While you could simply do nothing, having the roof cleaned annually with different products is a far greater solution.

Periodically cleaning your roof every so often is a good idea, but you must ensure that it is being conducted properly. If the roof is cleaned with the same materials each time, the surface could end up eroding. This could potentially be an expensive investment, but at the end of the day, you aren’t really doing anything to safeguard your rooftop, nor are you preventing issues from manifesting.

At Premier Roof Clean, we prefer a more hands on approach instead of using the somewhat detrimental pressure washer. To discourage moss and other growths from coming back, we sterilise your roof by applying a special biocide. All of our methods have been tried and tested countless times, and have proven efficient when put to the test. If you require our assistance, please get in touch with us.