Dealing with the issue before it worsens

You might not pay much attention to them right now, but leaving roofs for too long a time may result in you replacing them eventually. The moss and algae that grows on top might seem harmless initially, but they feed off your roof materials, compromising their integrity in the process. Instead of allowing the deterioration you should call on one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has to help you.

The biggest issue with moss is it accumulates water. Roofing materials are designed to encourages it to flow away quickly rather than remaining in place. When it does it can rot straight through your roof materials and cause damage to your home. What mosses are saturated the water stays in place until they dry out completely. Things could potentially worsen during winter, as the moisture will expand when it freezes, potentially pushing open cracks.

What needs to be done here is stopping the moss before it has an opportunity to establish itself on the roof. If you are someone who lives in a recently built structure, chances are that your roofing is comprised of materials that dissuade growth. For older buildings however, you will have to take more steps in order to prevent problems.

Physically removing moss from roofing materials is relatively simple because there are no roots to worry about. Instead growths cling to the rough texture. When dry it is relatively easy to scrape the moss off by hand. That is exactly how we clean roofs, ensuring we don’t cause damage to the roofing materials in the process. To stop the moss from returning afterwards we use special biocide treatments

At Premier Roof Clean we strive to bring you results that are not only effective, but long lasting as well. Much of our work is dedicated towards roof cleaning, but we are also capable of giving your driveways and gutters too some TLC should they need it. If we can be of assistance to you, please let us know.