The worst and best approaches to roof cleaning

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Animals and wind transport moss and algae spores between rooftops. This is the reason why entire neighbourhoods can often suffer. Moss by itself influences the performance of asphalt shingles by making them curl up and blow off. Eventually, this will cause a leak. While algae don’t really damage your rooftop, it does affect how it looks.

Moreover, continually going up to your roof to clean growths off can harm it and reduce its lifespan. Such actions loosen the shingles’ granules. Therefore, you need to know how to correctly clean your roof. The following are some of the dos and don’ts of roof cleaning.

Bleach can be damaging

If using a bleach solution, do not ignore your landscape and surrounding areas. The last thing you want to do is spill it because the chemical will kill plants and harm wildlife. What you must do here is water your shrubbery and plants with plain water. Afterwards, cover them with plastic, and rinse them again once you’re finished with the solution.

Be patient

Don’t be in too much of a rush to get the roof clean. It can take time for the solution to have an effect. The last thing you want to do is administer it too many times and damage materials. Instead, have a little patience. Subsequent rainstorms may wash the algae away once it has lost its grip on the surface. Moss will likely soon become loose enough that you can remove it by hand.

At Premier Roof Clean, we operate in a way that allows us to both prevent damage to your tiles and sterilise the entire roof. Some individuals think that hiring a professional is expensive. However, the costs are minuscule compared to what you’d have to pay if you made a serious error.

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