Stay on top of your gravel driveway maintenance

As one of the top roof cleaning companies Surrey has, we excel in multiple areas. In addition to our regular service, we perform maintenance on gutters and driveways. This makes for a very comprehensive experience. The results are long lasting so you can also expect to get value for your money.

Gravel driveway maintenance is an integral aspect of your property investment. These alluring and inexpensive drives can boost a house’s general aesthetics. They also provide users with a decent degree of freedom and flexibility too. Like most people, you’ll probably want your drive to keep on supplying these benefits over the long-term. To realise this, you must take the correct steps for upkeep.


One of the first steps is to carry out frequent raking. A generic rake is a simple but vital tool utilised in gravel drive maintenance. Here in the UK, wind and rain are common. They blow sticks, grass, leaves, and similar debris into the driveway. This causes them to lodge between the gravel. If you leave things like this, the driveway will become incredibly unattractive. It will become hard to drive and walk on as well. Raking can sort all this out however.

Top up

Another good idea would be to keep the driveway fresh. You might not have potholes, but it is easy enough for gravel to end up dislodged. This is more likely to happen if the drive has frequent traffic. You’ll want to make certain that the driveway retains its proper depth and appearance. To do this, introduce a thin layer of fresh gravel to the drive’s surface every spring.

At Premier Roof Clean, we work to revitalise your driveway using manual techniques. This is much more effective than pressure washing. If we were to use that approach, we could be doing more harm good. With our way, there’s no risk of us damaging anything. You may not think the best roof cleaning companies Surrey have will also take on drives, but we do. Not just that, we also deliver the same great results you expect for your roofing.

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