The danger of flooding

Surrey roof cleaners don’t get much better than the ones we employ. For years, we have served the area well, attending to structures that require a good clean. What keeps the customers coming is the way we carry out our work. As opposed to using pressure washing, we prefer a manual approach that focuses on long lasting results.

Storms can do a real number on your house. Apart from harming your roof, heavy rain and high winds can also lead to flooding. The roof functions as one of the principal shields that defend against water infiltration. With frequent roofing maintenance, your installation will remain in top condition and block the water.

During high winds and heavy downpours, ageing and filthy roofs can quickly become leaky messes. Cracked or loose shingles are easy to blow off, which will make the roof’s underlay vulnerable. Water can seep beneath as well as between your shingles, allowing it to move towards the house’s structure. This could potentially lead to electrical shorts and hazards. If enough water gets inside, your interior walls may become damaged, the attic shall flood, and water will also enter the living spaces.

Asphalt shingle granules

The granules you find on asphalt shingle roofs safeguard your home from the weather and help to maintain its soundness. Granule loss happens naturally with time, but the process speeds up when roof debris is present. Horizontal lines of granule wear, which are a few inches underneath the end of the above shingle, are a sign that the shingle seals are unsound. This increases the likelihood that water will enter your house.

Pressure washing can speed up the loss of granules. The force can literally strip them away, leaving a material that is brittle and more vulnerable to breakage. This is why we only use a hands-on technique and scrap the surface gently.

At Premier Roof Clean, we work hard to make certain that your roofs have the best protection against flooding. We do what we can to protect you as well. Our insurance cover, together with a considerable assortment of services, gives everyone peace of mind when they use us. This is why we are the top Surrey roof cleaners you can work with.

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