Roofs aren’t always given the proper attention they require. This can prove to be a major error on the property owner’s part if they neglect it for too long. Not only will your building suffer aesthetically, but it’ll also experience a series of detrimental structural alterations. If you find that your own rooftop needs attending to, you should contact us. As one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has, we can provide you with a first class service.
Flat roofs appear in various sizes and shapes. Regardless of whether yours includes rubber-based compounds or regular three-layer asphalt, moss can still affect it. Those installations smothered in stone chippings do allow moss to expand quicker than coatings without stones. The reason for this is that these chippings supply moss with the ideal growing environments, ones with moisture and shade. Moreover, the advantages those chippings introduce to the roof’s facet, like direct sunlight, aid moss spores in gathering and sprouting.

What can moss do to my flat roof?

Removing moss from your flat roofs is imperative because it is capable of ruining numerous roof coatings. In addition, it’s easy for it to roll into your gutters, which shall result in further issues. Even more concerning, as these coatings begin to age they’ll start developing little impressions and bumps.

You cannot permit moss to prosper on these surfaces. If it does, then any small surface disfigurements will open up as the material itself expands and contracts due to weather conditions. Afterwards, water ingress shall make its presence known. For these reasons alone, you must do everything you can to keep your coatings lichen and moss free.

At Premier Roof Clean, we have addressed problems on roofs of vastly different styles. As such, you can expect us to be fully prepared no matter what the circumstances are. This has helped us to stand out from the other roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer.

If your own roof requires a good cleaning, make certain that you get in touch with us.