From moss to rot

It’s easy to forget about your roof, but it’s this lack of action that might end up draining your bank account later on. The debris on the surface may seem harmless, but it is slowly degrading your structure. Before the situation gets out of hand, you should call a team of skilled Surrey roof cleaners. With a proven track record of getting things done, it is our own workers you should trust to handle everything.

Moss is one of the many forms of debris you can find on your rooftop. It doesn’t appear to be a threat to most, but to the trained eye, it is potentially detrimental. This is especially true if you own a wooden roof. Moss possesses the ability to contain moisture and reroute water. This can leave your roof vulnerable to leaks and wood rot. Moss has a habit of expanding in the openings between your shingles. This happens to be the final location where water evaporates from a roof.

There’s more here than meets the eye

Moss is easy enough to detect, but wood rot is a different matter, since it’s not so obvious to the average homeowner. They’re often unaware of just how much damage is being done. It’s even possible for them to have a leak and not notice, something that will only worsen the wood impairment.

In addition to minimising your roof’s lifespan, wood rot causes mould to spread. This can be dangerous to you and your pets. Furthermore, unwelcome creatures can cause fresh problems once the wood starts rotting. Squirrels and similar animals can chew through supporting wood structures and the roof itself. Decaying wood also makes it easier for critters to burrow through.

At Premier Roof Clean, we specialise in various types of cleaning, not just roofing. Aside from our standard practices, we also provide gutter and driveway services. These are two other areas you’ll want to keep on top of if you wish to maintain your property. When you work with us you can have confidence you are dealing with the best Surrey roof cleaners.

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