Solvents won’t help your driveway

Everyone has their speciality, and we are no different. Cleaning roofing is our forte, with our Surrey roof cleaners being the best of the bunch. In particular, people know them for the long lasting results we offer. We achieve them using manual methods and an inhibitor treatment. With their assistance, your rooftop shall end up looking amazing for years to come.

Aside from roof cleaning, something else we are proficient in is the maintenance of driveways. The thing about the drive however is that it requires a separate strategy to the one we use for rooftops. If you wish to avoid any issues whilst having your own property cleaned, you should listen to the following advice.

No solvents

It’s not likely that you’ll find the same type of driveway outside every house you come across. They appear in an assortment of shapes and substances, and come with distinct requirements. Owners of classic asphalt drives believe that theirs are simple to clean. However, the fact is that solvents and certain cleaners will actually enfeeble and disintegrate the asphalt itself. The reason why is because the products derive from petroleum. It’s the same for oil.

As opposed to utilising one of these unsuitable solvents, employ a safer alternative. Start by covering the drive with it, give it time to sit, and then allow it to rinse away. This works wonders on gravel surfaces, since they’re normally stone, silt, clay, or sand. Just bear in mind that water can become confined between stones like this if your drive isn’t given sufficient upkeep. This will cause mould to form.

At Premier Roof Clean, we have measures in place to take care of dirty roofs, gutters, and driveways. We selected said measures so that they won’t damage your property. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that ours are the finest services available. As such, you should take advantage of them when the opportunity presents itself.

There is nobody better to call on when you need Surrey roof cleaners. If you want any help from us, please get in touch.