Don’t leave it too late into summer

We put in a great deal of effort when it comes to keeping the insides of our homes clean. However, we often disregard what lies outside, namely on roofs. This can complicate matters, as dirty roofing presents more than just an aesthetic problem. In fact, it can potentially cause big problems inside the property. Luckily, the community thinks of us as the finest business for roof cleaning Surrey can offer. As a result, we’re the first ones they contact whenever they notice issues developing on their rooftops.

It’s easy to forget about everything that is accumulating on your roof when the snow covers it up. Once the sun melts it all away though, you’ll need to take your maintenance duties seriously. Late spring to early summer is the perfect time to do this; we’re going to explain why.

Why can’t I clean up later in the summer?

Obviously, opting to clean your roof during these times will aid you in avoiding the heat. Hot weather only serves to make tasks like these more challenging. There is no protection on the roof, meaning you’ll be in the Sun’s full view. This can result in serious issues if you are not careful, even causing sunstroke. That is why it is best to avoid the harshest summer sun.

Filthy roofs also assimilate and relocate larger volumes of heat than clean ones do. This is especially true if you have reflective or light coloured coatings or shingles. The heat enters your property via the attic and results in inflated air conditioning bills. If you roof is covered in moss and dirt it can also increase insulation, making it more costly to keep your home cool in summer.

At Premier Roof Clean, we forsake pressure washing methods in favour of manual techniques. Not only is this approach safer, but it also produces longer lasting results. This is thanks in part to our biocide wash, which discourages moss from returning. Most importantly, our hands on methods mean nothing is missed.

If you would like assistance from the best team for roof cleaning Surrey has, please give us a call. We work on all types of roofing and will leave them in a great condition.