Look around the roof, not just on it

Cleaning your own property is admirable, but it’s not always the ideal suggestion. This is especially true when it comes to the roof. Attempting to go at it alone without the proper training can lead to some potentially disastrous outcomes. Therefore, you need another solution. Our company is home to the most talented roof cleaners Surrey has. Whenever there is a problem, you can trust them to provide a well-organised service.

With spring being just around the corner, now would be a superb time to consider doing a bit of maintenance. The following roof cleaning tips will aid you in protecting your property. At the same time, you’ll be able to save quite a bit of money. After all, the quicker you locate and rectify an issue, the less chance it’ll have to become an expensive one.

Where should I concentrate my efforts?

The gutter system is one area you will need to focus on. If your gutters remain healthy, so will the roof. Have them cleaned and be on the lookout for any vulnerable points. When weak or clogged, gutters can cause overflows during spring rains. This will leave your roof and house vulnerable to water ingress.

Another piece of advice we have is to watch your trees. If the trees near your premises are starting to get too close for comfort, think about trimming them. Branches and leaves can ruin your roof. They can create a stuffy and dim setting as well. Environments like this are where moss tends to thrive. Whenever it gets its way, moss prevents moisture from evaporating in a suitable manner.

At Premier Roof Clean, we take a different approach to those you see with other establishments. Instead of pressure washing, we manually remove everything we find on your roof. In addition to being safer, this strategy generates superior results. We are one of the best roof cleaners Surrey has to offer as a result. More importantly, we can provide a comprehensive service that includes cleaning the guttering too.

If you require any assistance, please let us know.