The trouble with cleaning after November

If your roof is currently in a bit of a state, then it’s likely that you’ll want professional workers attending to it. Our Surrey roof cleaners are just the people for this job. Using up to date equipment and specialist treatments, they can provide results that are fruitful and long lasting.

You may know us for our work on roofs, but gutter cleaning is another area we’re educated on. Regardless of where you live, you should perform this act at least twice a year. When scheduling it for spring or summer, it all comes down to convenience. Fall however is a different story. There is some debate as to whether before or after fall is the ideal time. But, you should aim to have them cleaned no later than early to mid-November.

Why this time in November?

During winter, the last thing homeowners want to put up with is a clogged gutter. Any build-up of debris, dirt, and leaves only makes everything worse once the November rains arrive. The snows of December aren’t usually far behind. This could disrupt the rainfall and lead to it backing up. After the freezing temperatures enter the fray, clogging becomes a major issue. Synthesise this with the likelihood of denser snow and your whole system could literally fall apart.

A potential collapse of the gutters isn’t all you should concern yourself with however. Water damage is a prime example of additional impairments occurring. It can spill into the basement and cause all sorts of havoc. Permitting ice to accumulate over extended periods is also something to be careful of. If it encounters any wood close to the roof and eaves, rot and mildew could be the outcomes.

At Premier Roof Clean, we can clean gutters existing on both commercial and residential properties. Whenever our team is on the scene, the likes of leaves, pine needles, and soil stand no chance. We will get rid of every trace of unwanted materials. This makes us the Surrey roof cleaners you should trust in.

If you notice anything wrong with your roof or gutters, make sure you contact us.