Moss and concrete aren’t the best of friends

Considered some of the finest Surrey roof cleaners, our team members do things a bit differently. Pressure washing may be the fastest approach but it can cause damage to the roofing materials and consumes a lot of resources. In addition it may not do the best job because the surface is generally not inspected as clearly. It is for these reasons we employ manual methods.

You might not think it by looking at it, but moss comes with some rather grave reverberations. This is especially true when you see it on concrete roofs or walls. It isn’t your typical garden variety plant and is capable of causing extensive damage if left untreated. If you have a maintenance plan in position already, and moss removal isn’t part of it, you should add it in immediately. Such an action shall help you in preserving your concrete roof for years.

Is moss that dangerous?

Right now, you’re probably wondering why moss removal is so important. For starters, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing addition to a home. Should it remain, it’ll reduce your property’s appeal, and potential buyers may not want to waste their time with it. Whether you are aiming to sell, or simply wish to preserve the curb appeal, getting rid of the most is one investment you’ll need.

What effect does it have on concrete?

Now onto why moss is bad news for concrete roofs in particular. Like similar types of plant life it discharges an acid substance. If left alone, this will eventually wreck the material. This shall give the outside environment free reign to enter your premises and cause all sorts of health issues.

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