Advice on tackling your gutters in autumn

Our team is one that takes a slightly different approach to cleaning. Instead of forcing all the debris off with pressurised devices, they get rid of it manually. Not only is this a more efficient method, but thanks to our biocide treatments, it also endures for longer. We stand above the roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer by providing consistent results. Therefore, ours is the business you’ll want to contact for a service.

Don’t ignore cleaning in autumn

Autumn is a vital period to take on all sorts of home maintenance jobs, both outside and inside. One chore in particular that you shouldn’t ignore is gutter cleaning. Debris accumulates in them rapidly, which will make draining challenging in the months that follow. If you have yet to tackle your own system, here are some safety tips you can use.

Always work safely

Our first piece of advice would be to have someone there keeping you company. Whenever you find yourself climbing a ladder, have someone at the base securing everything. Prior to beginning your efforts, locate someone who can remain with you and offer assistance if it proves necessary. In addition to being safer, this is also a much quicker strategy.

Our next tip would be to wear eye protection at all times. Wearing goggles, glasses, or some other type of eye shield would be an incredibly smart thing to do. The reason why we say this is that debris and dirt can blow out the moment you begin working. Make sure your eyes stay protected so you don’t affect your vision or suffer irritation.

At Premier Roof Clean, we supply the same premier results regardless of whether we’re cleaning your roofs or gutters. Be you a commercial or residential client, we’ll see to it that your requirements are met. As a result we have positioned ourselves as one of the very best roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer.

If we can help you in any way, please give us a call.