The right way to clean terracotta and slate tile roofs

The debris that’s allowed to accumulate on roofs often covers up their beauty, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Using top quality equipment and some of the most effective methods around, our team is the best for roof cleaning Surrey has. We will remove all the unwanted refuse and reveal your property’s true character. No matter the trouble, we are always prepared to help those who are in need of our services.
Roof cleaning might be a universal practice, but this does not mean that the approaches used work in every situation. There are different types of roofing out there, each with their own requirements. In order to give you a better understanding of how diverse the process can be, we are going to discuss the strategies you should be using for some two different types of tile.

Terracotta tiles may be gorgeous and naturally moist, but they are a prime breeding ground for the likes of algae and moss. What you must do first with such tiling is wash it down with some water and then bring in an anti-fungal solution of some description. Once the algae and moss starts to turn brown it shall come off the roof far more easily. If your tiles happen to be aged, chances are that they’re brittle and unsafe to walk on. Therefore, extra caution has to be practised when you clean them.

Slate tile roofs also exist. Similar to the previously mentioned terracotta tiling, they are permeable, and are prone to algae and moss outbreaks. Due to their thin layers, pressure washing is not an option as it can lead to damages and leaks. Because of how brittle they are, walking on them is also highly discouraged.

At Premier Roof Clean, thanks to our years of experience, we are capable of working on any kind of roof, be it a tile or metal design, or something else entirely. Thanks to the special inhibitor we use, results are long lasting, and in no way will your roof end up being harmed.

We are the best for roof cleaning Surrey has for a reason; we always use the right methods and produce great results. If your own rooftop needs seeing to, be sure to give us a call. We will arrange the right service for you.