The dangers tools and snow pose to metal roofs

Roofs come in an array of shapes and sizes, but the one constant between them is that they all need maintenance. Having been in operation for many years, our business has become one of the most dependable establishments specialising in roof cleaning Surrey has to offer. Whatever the state your property happens to be in at present, we assure you that our team can bring it back to its full prestige.

If you are the proud owner of a metal roof, then you should know that cleaning it is one of the leading ways of preserving its longevity. During these efforts, it would be unwise to adopt a pressure-cleaning method, as this can be damaging. You would be better off using a much less forceful approach alongside detergents recommended by the manufacturer.

If there’s debris that must be taken care of, avoid metallic tools like rakes. Such objects can easily scratch the paint or protective coating. This may not sound too serious right now, but the scratches can actually lower the roof’s resistance to the elements. Employing a leaf blower is a common practice in such instances, but a telescoping pole attached to a window cleansing brush or a long-handled push-broom are also capable of getting things done.

Anyone who lives in a colder climate however must be especially careful when it comes to cleaning metal roofs. Once a winter snowstorm has passed, any standing snow should be removed from your rooftop. Should the house posses substandard insulation, then you may end up with ice dams. These manifest when escaping attic heat warms your roof up and melts the snow’s base layer. The melted snow re-freezes following this and creates a dam that imprisons water, which then moves into the seams around your flashings and between panels.

At Premier Roof Clean, our preference is to do everything with our own hands and introduce a special inhibitor afterwards. Thanks to this procedure, not only can we rid the whole roof of moss, algae, and dirt, but we can also prevent them from resurfacing for an extensive period. This has helped us become the best for roof cleaning Surrey has.

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