Organic matter won’t do your concrete driveways any favours

If your roof has been devoid of all its former beauty, be it because of moss, algae, or other types of debris, then it’s time to call in the professionals to change everything. Being one of the best Surrey roof cleaners, we utilise harmless strategies and special treatments to provide you with long-lasting results. Anyone who currently has less than pleasing roofing would do well to contact our team for aid.
Although we are a cleaning company specialising in roofs primarily, we have an understanding of driveway maintenance too. If for example you don’t attend to any organic matter that has made its way onto your drive, plies of fallen leaves, pine needles, and mulch can leave behind a multitude of brown stains.

Despite not being a physical threat, the resulting unattractive aesthetic will definitely put off potential buyers if you’re aiming to sell. This isn’t a major concern with dark asphalt surfaces since they can cover the colours up very easily, but concrete driveways are an entirely different story. Once the debris starts decomposing, they release what’s known as tannin. This is a colourful, yet annoying, ramification of all the decomposition. The brown shall fade with time, but some driveway maintenance can assist those who are on a deadline.

Once you’ve swept the concrete, rinse away the dirt with a garden hose. Afterwards, mix a half cup of liquid dish detergent into three gallons of heated water. Pour this onto the markings slowly, work it into the surface with a stiff-bristle nylon brush. Get the hose and rinse the concrete again, and trickle some powdered laundry detergent over the blemishes. Start scrubbing again following this. After leaving your detergent for a few minutes, rinse it away.

At Premier Roof Clean, we can help you with your driveway if you’re not quite up to the task of cleaning it yourself. Repeatedly, our tried and tested methods have proven themselves invaluable to clients from across Surrey, and have left them with an incredibly favourable impression of us.

If you also require the assistance of the most accomplished Surrey roof cleaners, please get in touch. We will determine exactly what service you need.